Terms & Conditions

· In the unforseen circumstance Tikitiki has encountered lane technical issues your bowling time will not be affected. (We have professional technicians but lanes have a mind of their own sometimes)
· We operate a think 18 policy (From 7pm onwards we have a strict adults only policy. If you appear to be under the age of 18, you may be required to provide suitable Identification.This is up to the Management’s discretion
· We only accept the following forms of identification, Valid Hong Kong ID or Passport
· Guests will not be permitted into Tikitiki Bowling Bar if deemed intoxicated
· After 7pm, no under 18’s are allowed in Tikitiki Bowling Bar, entry is at the discretion of management
· Price and availability information is subject to change without prior notice.
Remember these rules while letting your hair down:
· Do not step over or proceed past the foul line at any time. (That’s the massive black line at the start of the lane if you didn’t know)
· Do not bowl more than one ball down the lane at any time.
· Tikitiki bowling shoes with socks must be worn when bowling.
· Tikitiki bowling shoes must never be worn outside the establishment. And must be returned immediately after your bowling session is completed.
· Do not place your hands inside the ball return
· Any lane faults must be reported to reception.
· While a fault is being attended to, no balls are to be sent down the lane
· Management reserves the right to refuse lanes to patrons.
· We accept no responsibility for any personal property that is brought to a Tikitiki Bowling Bar